Paper & Tea Matcha Tea Ceremony
  • Paper & Tea Matcha Tea Ceremony

Paper & Tea
Matcha Tea Ceremony

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Originating in 12th century Japan, matcha tea was used in elaborate and traditional tea ceremonies and by Zen Buddhist monks. Today, this vitamin-rich tea is best known for its incredible health benefits and fragrant flavor, with grassy, bittersweet, and fruity notes. A healthier alternative to a cup of joe or even steeped green tea, it increases energy levels, detoxifies the body, and is loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants like Cathechin. Drink pure or with a splash of milk. Bamboo Whisk, Gong Fu Quartet Set, Glass Serving Pot, Bamboo Mat, Bamboo Coaster, Acorn Natsume Caddy, and Green Lantern Matcha Tea available below.

How to use:
• Invert the tines of your bamboo whisk into a glass of water to soften the tines.
• Using a traditional, bent-bamboo scoop, or chasaku, place 2 scoops of the sifted matcha powder into your tea bowl.
• Allow freshly boiled water to cool to 170°f then add 3oz of water to the tea bowl. For iced matcha, pour 3oz of ice cold water into the tea bowl.
• To achieve impeccable froth, simply whisk briskly in M-shaped, rather than circular, strokes.

Working with vendors from all over the world, this Berlin-based company infuses the ancient heritage of tea – its culture, ceremony, and creativity – into every one of its inspired offerings, from specialty tea and handcrafted accessories read more
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