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the abc eye: color intelligence & chakras

March 21, 2015

We embrace the power of color to tap into our seven chakras and awaken, balance, and heal. From the deep intuition of indigo to the awakened sensuality of orange, the spectrum stimulates and aligns our energy centers when worn.

Wearing a particular chakra color acts to balance this center by bringing its vibrational energy into alignment, unblocking emotions and creating flow. Invoke love with the power of green; connect to the earth with the fire of red; communicate your truth with the opening of blue; and embody the rainbow for holistic balancing.

The 7 chakras serve as gateways between our physical bodies and a larger spiritual consciousness. Each chakra is connected to a different energy center of the nervous system and is represented by a spinning wheel of color along the spine.


Handmade from recycled metals and set with sustainably sourced stones, the pieces below are some of our favorite balancing pieces.

(clockwise from top right)
polly wales set sapphire rainbow ring | polly wales sapphire rainbow ring | polly wales sapphire rainbow quill necklace

(clockwise from top left)
elisa solomon sapphire rainbow moon necklace | elisa solomon rainbow gemstone necklace | elisa solomon sapphire ring

Our exclusive collection of chakra jewelry is available in manhattan on 1 and online.