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sweet dreams | creating an evening ritual

January 25, 2019

sweet dreams do come true and we’ve created this abc ritual to help you on your way to a restorative journey full of magical awakening. sweet dreams begin by creating a sweet space within your home and bedroom. you can start the process with this evening ritual for all you dreamers, doers, and believers.

first thing’s first. your bedding is your canvas and having bedding that brings comfort to you can actually have a calming effect on your nervous system. we really do believe that your home is your altar, and every object you choose is part of creating your sacred space. we are particularly in love with this lusciously soft, dusty rose-colored, organic cotton geometric bedding from our abcDNA quartz collection.

quartz bedding collection: color intelligence | heart opening rose vibration + creates dream nest

having something warm to sip on as you settle into your sleep space is a grounding practice. in ayurveda, warmth holds the power to ground vata dosha which relates to the elements of space and air, and in general brings the qualities of quickness, inspiration, and heightened mental activity. all good things, but not the most conducive to a zen pre-bed vibe. as part of your ritual to unwind from evening to night, it’s beneficial to quiet the mind. working with the plant intelligence of Moon Juice’s dream dust which is a combination of roots, seeds, berries, flowers and leaves will induce the relaxation response and curtail the effects of stress.

moon juice moon dust: plant based alchemy | induces deep rest + heightens awareness

another ancient therapy brought to us by the higher intelligence of mother nature is aromatherapy. through the skilled extraction, distillation, and combination of plant and flower essences, traditional healers have been utilizing scent for its potent curative properties since time immemorial. lotus wei’s quiet mind anointing oil combines the vision opening lotus with tension eliminating dandelion. applying a little to your pulse points such as the wrists, temples, right behind the ears, back of the neck and inner ankles, immediately helps to shift your focus from what’s happening around you to what’s happening within you. this is the power of the act of consecration, which literally means “to make sacred”.

lotus wei quiet mind oil: jojoba, lotus, dandelion | cleanses space + invites peaceful sleep

mandalas and sacred geometry have long been employed to activate expanded states of consciousness all over the world. the principles of mathematical harmonics are a sacred science that has been applied in the construction of temples and sacred sites across continents and cultures. ancient people understood that gazing upon symmetrical and repetitive patterns caused physiological reactions in our brains that resulted in the secretion of certain endocrine hormones related to higher awareness. for this reason, mandalas and sacred geometry also appear in many primitive art forms and handicrafts. the late psychologist Carl Jung amassed some of the most comprehensive research on the human psyche to date. as a function of his experiments to induce lucid dreaming, which would then give him a clearer glimpse into the archetypal realm of the subconscious, Jung would often have his subjects enter a relaxed state by gazing upon mandala art. “crystal oversoul attunements”, an oracle by michael eastwood, will guide you through the activation of geometric of crystal grids and mandalas for specific intentions. this practice helps to cultivate meditative awareness, ideal for seeding dream intentions, then off you go.

crystal oversoul attunements, an oracle by michael eastwood mandala and sacred geometric form | activate subconscious mind

we are obviously big believers in the benefits of crystals and gems here at abc. central to most of our rituals is the crystal intelligence, which in many traditions represents the earth element and is associated with our manifest physical reality and therefore our bodies. crystals also emanate the qualities of peace, patience, wisdom, and timeless magic. and though they each impart individual attributes, we can all agree that as a whole they are wonderful, beautiful allies. one of our favorite sweet dream inducing crystals is celestite, which is said to open our communication with the angelic realms, foster higher dimensional awareness, and facilitate in releasing any negativity from the spirit. tuck it under your pillow or place it on your bedside table and know you’ll have a trusted guide as you fall asleep in this world and awaken in the next. happy travels and very sweet dreams.

celestite geode: crystal intelligence | opens intuition, activates lucid dreaming + easeful being

in practice:
brew moon dust elixir. pull the covers down on your bed.
lightly mist your sleep space. place crystal under pillow. We will
sip moon dust while flipping through the oracle and gazing into formations.
take 9 deep inhalations & exhalations resting your eyes upon the shape.
close your eyes and lay back. unwind. dream & awaken.