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Sungevity & ABC Partner to Unlock the Power of Solar at Home

September 25, 2014

Exemplifying our organization-wide commitment to participate in the climate revolution, we’re pleased to share details on our partnership with Sungevity, a leading provider of solar energy. This partnership, announced last Friday at our Climate March launch event, will enable the ABC customer to easily and seamlessly access a renewable energy solution, thus divesting from fossil fuels and contributing to a more sustainable planet and economy.

Paulette Cole, ABC Carpet & Home’s CEO and Creative Director remarks, “ABC is proud to stand with Sungevity and be a conduit through which this positive energy can flow, providing an actionable response to climate change, empowering our consumers to become the solution and bring it home.”


She continues, “Committed to fostering a green economy for a healthy planet and people, ABC will donate $150 to the Barefoot College through the ABC Home & Planet Foundation for every solar conversion. Solar for solar, light for light, we celebrate this mutual alignment in mission with Sungevity and invite our community to be a part of the change and vote with their dollars.”

If you’re unsure on the viability of solar energy, here are some reasons why making the conversion makes all the sense in the world.

  • It takes 10,000 square miles of solar panels to deliver all of America’s electricity. In comparison, it takes 100,000 square miles of oil and gas facilities.
  • If you go solar, your system could offset the same amount of carbon as driving 2,500 trees or not driving 285,000 miles.
  • Costs of energy — a limited commodity — are rising each year. With solar, you can lock in low payments now. This means that over the life of your solar energy plan, you can save thousands.
  • Solar energy requires no dependence on foreign resources, plus you’ll be supporting a promising, long-term domestic industry.

Those interested can receive an initial online quote here, or visit our Manhattan location this week (through Sunday, 9/28) to consult with a Sungevity solar expert. They’ll be readily available to answer your questions: From renewable energy-consumption to how easily a customized in-home solar installation can really be.