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scorpio season at abc carpet & home

October 23, 2018

oct 23- nov 23

As the fixed water sign, the Scorpio is best represented by a pool of still, deep, and dark waters. Scorpio is intense, competitive, and magnetic, and never satisfied with simply resting on the surface of things.

The Scorpio innately uses their divine-sighted intuition which gives the, a penetrating gaze, the ability to peer through things, and capacity to make others feel seen and understood in a way that is intoxifying, exhilarating, and slightly terrifying all at once. Because of their highly empathic and emotional nature, they tend to make lasting bonds with those who manage to enter into their inner circle.

Your ally for Scorpio Season:

Ward off the super intense self reflection vibes with the crystal intelligence of aquamarine.
This stone brings the energy of pure, clear water and courage to look inward without getting lost.

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Scorpio Medicine for all the Mermen and Mermaids:

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Activate your Scorpio Fire at a whole new level with this layered bed by abcdna dreamweaver & haath

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A little light goes a long way, light the path for the Scorpio in your life…

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