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rituals of renewal | bath ceremony

January 7, 2019

ritual baths are an ancient practice used for various types of renewal since time immemorial. rituals in bathing began in the neolithic period when nomadic tribes would wander upon hot springs and submerge themselves to keep warm in inhospitable climates. almost all civilizations observe rites connected to sacred water.

the “great bath”, one of the earliest identifiable bathhouses, dates back to 2500BC and is located in the Indus Valley. most archeologists agree that the great bath was a temple. in fact, most ancient civilizations erected temples specifically to the waters; their healing, their mysteries, and to honor the deities and knowledge associated with them. these temples were not always open to the public, except on major holidays. they were mostly kept as schools where high priests or priestesses passed sacred knowledge through rituals to adepts and initiates who vowed to use the power of water to serve humanity and the planet.

stemming back from the most ancient and magical, to the most practical and traditional, the mystery and benefits of water, its rituals, rites, and uses, have been widely adopted and adapted all over the planet. while some cultures use water for healing, others use it for anointing, others as a communal gathering and celebration, some for blessing, sacrament, and initiation, yet others to purify. the keepers of the knowledge of water have long guarded sacred rituals often passed from mouth to ear over 100s of years through an ancestral line, or to a person demonstrating the capacity to administer the wisdom wisely.

in traditional wisdom water represents the void. within the void of deep water is seated the unconscious and subconscious. it holds the feminine, our intuition, dreams, imagination and ancient memory ­– the wisdom of emotion, our connection to our ancestors, and the well being of all plants and medicines of the earth that are sustained and manifest by water. within most wisdom traditions, the water element is associated with healing and is intrinsically connected to time, tides, and the cycles of the moon. water is known as our first home as we swim in the womb of our mother for 9 months before coming to life completely.

ecologically, water accounts for 80% of the earth’s surface and less than 30% of that is potable. water is the single most populous element in the universe, and many of its behaviors still remain a mystery to modern scientists. water is the only elements that expands when it freezes. among the magical properties of water is the element’s ability to encode information. additionally, when submerged in water at an appropriate air to water temperature ratio, the effects of holding your breath underwater have been shown to reduce heart rate, redirect blood flow to all major organs, and induce deep states of relaxation.

at abc, we have long been lovers and supporters of the waters of the planet, and our collective remembering, imagination, healing, and dreams too. as we begin the new year with a focus on wellness and love, what better way to connect to the power of water than through an ancient ritual to honor, cleanse, and harmonize the waters within. enjoy this custom bath ceremony and pick up the bath ritual edit in store and online.

bath ceremony

what you’ll need:
amethyst + pratima organic love oil + light + cycle vetiver candle + the moondeck oracle


Pratima organic love oil



5 white glass encased candles randomly placed on a white background, gold circular lid embossed with sacred geometry



run water, light candle, pass the amethyst over the flame,

add amethyst and love oil to running bath water,

draw a card from the moondeck oracle, practice ritual recommended by card, enter bath


Lit candles, crystals, oracle cards, and burning palo santo