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offerings of wellness | sami skin & hair care

November 27, 2018

sami is one of our favorite wellness offerings in our apothecary here at abc. it’s a skin and hair care line brought to life by yoga & meditation teacher, Chikako Mizokaki. a sacred alchemy inspired by the higher intelligence of mother earth, sami embodies the yogic philosophy of prakriti, or mother nature force. the primal and creative force through which the material world manifests itself. prakriti only manifests in partnership with purusha, the cosmic, eternal consciousness and self – the essence of our true nature and well spring of inspiration. these two forces work together to balance the manifest and unmanifest aspects of life. while yoga is the foundation of everything Chikako does, sami was born specifically through a journey deep within, into the realms of ancestral wisdom and healing arts, and study of indigenous amazonian medicinal plants. this journey was supported through her apprenticeship with a quechuan elder, who taught her the language of nature and plants, and guided her in awakening her innate alchemist.

“sami was a direct transmission from pachamama – something I received as a call to action to restore her. by creating this essence, people can experience the healing nourishment straight from mother earth in the most intimate way. the experience of using the products is one of homecoming – returning to mother earth, our one true home. the mission of sami is to remind us to honor the mother, the life source.” Chikako explained to myself and abc’s director of social media, Juliet Wells, over lunch at abcV.

in quechua, pachamama refers to mother earth as a sentient and all knowing being of an unconditionally loving, supportive intelligence beyond our understanding. she is responsible for plants, harvesting, the mountains, stones, and crystal & mineral kingdoms. to the quechua people of the andes mountains, pachamama is more than a planet, she is one of the most essential deities to the tradition. the quechua are descendants of the inca, and sacred to their tradition and cosmology is the dissemination of wisdom and teachings coming from their lineage. while their tradition has been passed from mouth to ear over 1000s of years, they honor that everyone is native to somewhere and encourage those who study with them to carry forth what they learn and share it with the world. this is what Chikako has done with sami, which refers to as the refined energy that comes from being in harmony with the universe. sami also means “a state of deep rest”, true wellness.

sami is produced with the blessing of Chikako’s teacher and quechua guide, and made using only the highest quality and most carefully sourced ingredients. all of the amazonian plant oils are sourced ethically and sustainably in Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. they are wild-harvested in cooperation with the local farmers, and are organic, unrefined, and cold pressed. Chikako has created an offering that is an invitation on many levels. because the synergetic blend of highly potent botanical oils such as andiroba, maracuja and caccay share a symbiotic biochemical and energetic relationship through their own unique alchemy, they deliver the pure force of the amazon and the result goes beyond beauty, to provide healing and nourishment on the cellular level. in this way, sami invites us each to create our home within and define internal wellness through connection to our essential selves.

at abc, we are big believers in magic. the magic of the moment. the magic of mindfulness, the earth, ourselves, each other, and beyond. we asked Chikako what magic is to her. “magic lies in the everyday acts of offering – acts of serving.” that’s exactly what we feel sami is – an offering inviting us to journey to, recover, and remember the inborn magic of our internal landscape and inherent connection to life. happy traveling.