leo season at abc carpet & home

July 17, 2019


July 21 – August 21

just like their ruler, the sun, leos are full of vitality, radiance, and inherent generosity. also like the sun, leos love to consider themselves the center of the universe. as the fixed fire sign, they are known for their inborn leadership and executive abilities. and like their namesake, the lion, leos are famously warm-hearted and always surrounded by their pride. in general pride is a strong word for the leo, as they take great pride in putting incredible attention to detail into everything they do. 

the sun governs the light of connection. its energy is naturally self generating and it emparts that vitality into everything connected to it, this gives the sun- and the leo- incredible magnetism. this eternal archetypal dynamic expresses the leo’s innermost process. as a social being, the leo invests a great deal of themselves into their relationship with the world. this may manifest with others and how people perceive them, or how others receive and relate to what the lion contributes as work or art. awareness is an obviously beneficial quality, especially because the leo native genuinely does care and is very giving sometimes to a fault. yet this can also be a bit of an achille’s heel, since a lot of their self esteem and self worth can get wrapped up in how the world reflects their value back to them. for the sensitive lion to transcend this attachment, they have to shine some of that light inward and cultivate self love. self love then illuminates the path of selfless giving, where they leo will truly flourish as a leader.

leo governs the heart, spinal column, and upper back. both physically and energetically, these body parts are connected to the hands which are often put to use by the expressive leo. it is actually said that the hands are an extension of the heart.  this is key to understanding the leo nature because not only do the heart and hands work in unison to create works of art, but what a balanced leo offers in love, presence, work, and expression is in an of itself a great work of their innermost artist. 

for this exact reason, balancing the fiery vital nature of a leo often occurs best through a physical movement meditation like yoga, dance, gardening, or painting. and as much as leos love to work, this native isn’t afraid to luxuriate in relaxation. in fact, they are kings and queens of the deep chill. lions love to lounge around with their lovers, friends, parents, and children to enjoy the finer things in life. their inborn feeling of royalty can also lead the leo to overspend and overestimate what they can actually afford, but this is typically not a chronic issue for this sun sign, since they are very seldom underemployed. 

everything is connected. each one of us is influenced by the archetypal energy of the zodiac & their planetary ruler no matter what our sign. this month embrace the energy of the sun and use your innate vitality to connect to and create what you love for no reason at all. when you offer to help, stay centered and unattached to the outcome, know that your value is rooted in more that what you can do or what you can give. relax and enjoy downtime since you’ve probably been working quite hard all year to relish in a summer getaway.  stay active to enjoy every last ray of the sun in the summer season and don’t be afraid to shine your light and roar. 


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