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ila x abc : mother’s day emerald giveaway

May 1, 2019

emerald, the birthstone of May, carries the lush green color of Spring and radiates the deep wisdom of the natural world.
in celebration of mother’s day, ILA has generously partnered with abc, to offer a pair of stunning emerald earrings to one lucky social media follower.

here’s how it works:
  1. 1. like this photo
  2. 2. tag 3 of your friends
  3. 3. make sure to follow @abccarpetandhome & @ilacollection
  4. 4. repeat the same on @ilacollection for an extra entry

US residents only. abc will direct message the winner via Instagram on May 7th.

read more about ILA and emeralds below.
ila emerald studs

ILA jewelry was born from siblings Ila and VIkas Sodhani. Ila always had a passion for style. she spent 8 years designing high-end diamond jewelry with her mother and father, whose roots in jewelry trace back to India. her brother Vikas Sodhani had an eye for form and design. after graduating from MIT, Vikas headed to India where he spent time training in Indian design houses.

we spent some time with Ila Sodhani, who spoke to us about her passion for jewelry design, and the magic of emeralds.

do emeralds have specific meaning to you?

in Vedic astrology, emeralds are related to Mercury or better known as Budha in Sanskrit. the goddess Ila was married to Budha, so it seems it was inevitable that we would be attracted to emeralds! Vedic astrology relates emeralds as a “stone of successful love” that opens and nurtures the heart and the heart chakra. Its soothing energy provides healing to all levels of the being, bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit.

the raw beauty and colors of emeralds have always attracted us to the stone as we design. the rich green hues of emeralds pair so well with green alloy (created in house) of yellow gold.


emerald and diamond ring on body
what are your favorite stones to pair with emeralds?
turquoise paired with emeralds creates a beautiful balance of color with just the perfect amount of intensity to make it striking.


where do you source your emeralds?
the emeralds originate from Colombia and Brazil, but they are cut in our hometown in Rajasthan, India.

what initially sparked your interest in jewelry?
our mother was a textile designer and studied at FIT in NYC in the 70’s when she moved from India, so I was wrapped in fabrics and jewelry from a young age. Vikas really found a fascination in design while studying at MIT. his main research during school was at the MIT Media Lab which focused on the intersection of art, design, and technology. India has such a long love affair with jewelry and their design is so intertwined with the culture that I knew he would fall in love with it while studying there. as most siblings, we are very different, but working together at ILA has allowed us to meld our unique perspectives on design to create something we could not have done alone.

emerald necklace with gold chain


how did you begin collaborating with ABC and what has this experience been like?
we met ABC the first year we started our line. ABC has been so supportive of our work, and our ideals for sustainability are both aligned so well that the collaboration was almost meant to be.

why are recycled products important to you?
we feel it is our duty at ILA to be as sustainable as possible and leave as small of a footprint on the precious resources we are given. they are truly a gift and we should cherish them rather than take them for granted. one ton of earth needs to be mined to produce enough gold for two rings. using recycled gold means no new mines were dug for the gold we use.


emerald cluster earrings

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