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create your summer bed with designer kerry cassill

May 15, 2019

spring is a season often likened to growth and expression. warmth in the air builds as summer slowly emerges into view, and new plant life blossoms to the songs of chirping birds. reinvigorating our homes helps us to reflect these outside changes internally and serves as a ritual to embrace the shifting of seasons. a great place to begin this process is in the bedroom, the sanctuary where we begin and end each new day. to uncover this seasons most inspiring and inventive ideas, we spoke with Kerry Cassill, the California-based designer – and longtime abc favorite – behind the eponymous bedding brand. she shared with us her favorite ways to freshen up her bed for spring, transition into summer, and ways to easily adapt these tips to each individual’s style and unique forms of expression.

assortment of kerry cassill bedding

keep cool

as nights become warmer, Kerry recommends swapping out heavy duvets for lighter options, like soft quilts. “quilts are my warm weather go-to,” says Kerry. while this light option might sound sparse to those who prefer something more substantial – Kerry herself admits “I’m the girl who wants to coziest thing I’ve got right next to me” – she suggests using a quilt as a top sheet and using a smaller twin duvet and cover as “a puffy element at the bottom of the bed. You get that extra weight, but when you need to get away from it at some point in the night when it’s not that cold, it hangs nicely over the side of the bed.”

kerry cassill pillow cases

lean into your lifestyle

though the season may be changing, Kerry understands that habits don’t always follow suit as quickly. “I like to point out that there are so many ways to layer the bed – some people have dogs, some people don’t want to wash things like crazy, or it’s a college student who’s going to eat pizza on their bed.” to keep things light in the spirit of Spring, some of her suggestions include: swapping in a flat sheet as a bedspread for something weighty but super washable, or using a quilt instead of a bottom sheet to keep things airy but cozy. “I will wash my quilt cold, delicate, and alone, throw it in the dryer for 15 minutes and it’s back in the amount of time it takes you to make dinner. So I think a quilt is the easiest thing to wash over a duvet.”

kerry cassill quilt

embrace play

a mix of bold patterns with more subtle motifs encourages flow of energy. “I really love a printed bottom sheet and a schmear of mix-it-up pillowcases, doubled up and layered. I start from the inside and go out,” says Kerry, who recommends using this ‘inside out’ approach to keep things fresh. “If you have a few neutral staples, you can rotate some pieces here and there and just change your pillowcases when you want to go in a whole new direction.”

kerry cassill assorted patterned pillow cases

an eye for color

there’s no better time to bring the outside in than in Springtime, as the winter cold dissipates, and the hours of sunlight each day increase. “I’m loving yellows and creams and whites and all those soft, Spring-y looking hues. I like to mix and layer them, so it’s all very subtle and it all goes together. But I always love a little pop of something fresh and patterned,” Kerry explains. Beyond her sunny outlook for Spring, she also understands the value of expressing complex human emotions through design, and she manifests this through the color spectrum as well. “I like putting things together in an unusual way, meaning not all the colors exist on the same plane. I’ll have pops of neon, but then pair that with some neutral white and ground it with something earthy, like brown.”