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How To Choose The Best Rug Color For Your Space

July 11, 2019

When you bring a rug into a room, you have the power to totally transform the aesthetic and ambiance of the space. Rugs are both literally and figuratively the foundations of rooms, and a well-selected one can also serve as the main focal point. So what should you consider when buying one? Aside from size, pattern, and material, color is a great starting point.

At abc, we love to explore the power of color, and how different shades influence our homes and how we feel when we’re in them. Our overdyed rug collection features an array of eye-catching colors that can inspire and shape the emotions of a room. From tonal neutrals and grays, to vibrant reds and blues, each shade can have a particular effect on your home (and you). Discover the power of color below and shop our overdyed rugs for further inspiration.  

color : orange

Bursting with vibrancy, bold orange hues bring a refreshing quality to any space. A handwoven rug in energetic hues like bright tangerine, pastel coral, and regal gold transforms an interior with a compelling sense of confidence, vitality, and dazzling aesthetic perspective.

handwoven orange silk rug with decorative motifs handwoven orange wool Moroccan rug

color: red

Dynamic & powerful,  rugs in red tonalities imbue a space with an incredible spectrum of emotions. Enliven an interior with a rug in shades of garnet to inspire patience and security, or a one in vibrant tones of ruby to summon passion and love.

wool flat weave kilim rug in red vintage Turkish red rug with abstract pattern

color: green

Channeling the soothing nature of a calm sea, rugs in green tonalities inspire a similar sense of tranquility. Rugs in shades of aquamarine & jade support mindfulness within a home and hues of chartreuse & emerald encourage happiness, truth and harmony.

chartreuse silk rug with classic ikat motifs green silk and wool rug with abstract design

colors: blue

Recalling an expansive & open sky, rugs in blue imbue an interior with openness, sincerity, and trust. Grounding shades of blue like teal and indigo infuse a home with confidence and positive presence,  while brighter hues like turquoise and cerulean foster imagination and inspiration.

wool rug in teal with classic Persian motifs wool and silk rug in teal and light blue with allover decorative pattern

color : purple

Linked throughout history to nobility, shades of purple are renowned for their ability to channel a dynamic and influential spectrum of aesthetics & emotions. A rugs purple hues like & lavender amethyst prompt a serene & sublime atmosphere full of magic.

  silk rug in purple hues with allover ikat pattern

color : neutrals

The aesthetic energies emitted by neutral tones are calm, and flexible. Rugs with opalescent hues awaken & inspire our intuitive senses while serving as versatile pieces for a myriad of interior styles.

 neutral rug silk rug in cream and peach hues with faded motifs

color : gray

While a seemingly intermediary shade between two colors, gray offers a sense of quiet and peace to a space. Rugs with gray tones, from steely to warm, offer a versatile & soothing aesthetic to an interior.

brown & gray silk rug with ornate allover design gray and brown silk rug with allover faded pattern