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The Summer Table: Entertain With Warmth & Light

July 1, 2019

summer serves us an abundance of warmth, light, and most importantly: time. our days are longer, and we have space to breathe and enjoy each moment. summer is a perfect time to open your doors and make room at your table – we have everything you need to spend your summer evenings in the best company.


souk moroccan cups

souk moroccan glass cups 
drink it in

Cutipol moon flatware

cutipol moon flatware, brushed stainless steel
classic with an edge

abcdna mystic dinnerware

abcdna mystic dinnerware, white
clean slate

Andrea burg cutting board


andrea brugi cutting board
natural beauty

marigold serving bowl

serving bowl, marigold
be generous

Studio natural table linens


studio natural table linens, white
cut from good cloth

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